Steps to Enable Role-Specific Registration for Wholesalers

Step 1: Add new wholesale roles selection. #

Begin by navigating to the Whols admin dashboard and locating the “Fields Manager” option under the “Registration & Login” settings of the Whols plugin.

In the Fields Manager, identify and select the “Wholesaler Roles” field from the available options. This is a critical step to enable the wholesaler roles during the registration process.

Save the changes to apply the new field to the registration form.

Step 2: Frontend Display #

Check out the changed registration form on the website’s frontend for a better user experience. Interact and explore the updates

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Step 3: Wholesaler Request Processing & Approve #

Manage wholesaler requests by reviewing and approving pending requests.

After reviewing a wholesaler request, approve it to grant the requested wholesaler access.

Step 4: Assign Role #

In the User List, mark the appropriate role for the approved wholesaler.

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