6 Wholesale Items to Sell From Home and Make a Profit

Looking for ways to start a profitable business from home? Selling wholesale items can be a lucrative option for entrepreneurs who want to start a business without a large investment. By purchasing products in bulk at wholesale prices and selling them for a profit, you can build a successful business from the comfort of your own home.

In this blog post, we will discuss six popular wholesale items to sell from home and make a profit. From clothing to home decor, we will explore a range of products in high demand and potentially earn you a substantial income.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent looking for a side hustle or a budding entrepreneur ready to launch your own business, these wholesale items are sure to get you on the path to success.

Benefits of selling wholesale items from home

With the rise of eCommerce and online marketplaces, selling wholesale items from the comfort of your own home has become increasingly viable for small-scale entrepreneurs. There are numerous benefits to this model, including reduced overhead costs, greater flexibility and control, and the ability to tap into a wider customer base. 

By selling wholesale items from home, you can take advantage of your existing space and resources, cut down on operational expenses, and connect with a diverse range of customers globally.

Flexibility and convenience of working from home

Working from home has become increasingly popular over the years for a good reason. One of the biggest benefits of selling wholesale items from home is the flexibility it provides. In addition, operating your business from home allows for a more elastic schedule, which is especially helpful for those with family or other responsibilities. 

Additionally, the convenience of working from home allows for a comfortable and stress-free work environment. With the rise of eCommerce, it’s easier than ever to start a home-based wholesale business and take advantage of these benefits.

Low startup costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses

Selling wholesale items from home is an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to break into the retail industry. In addition to being a convenient way to launch your own business, selling wholesale products from home offers the added advantage of lower startup costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

Without the need to rent out a physical storefront, purchase expensive equipment or hire a dedicated sales staff, home-based wholesale businesses can get started with minimal outlay. 

This provides a much lower barrier to entry for entrepreneurs who want to test the waters and find out if selling wholesale products is something they really enjoy. By minimizing risk while maximizing potential rewards, selling wholesale items from home is proving to be a great way for many savvy businesspeople to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Profit opportunity through bulk buying and reselling.

By purchasing items in bulk, you can take advantage of lower prices and resell them for a markup to your clients. The benefits of this practice include not having to worry about renting a storefront, which can save you money that you can reinvest in your business.

Additionally, you can set your own prices and enjoy a more flexible schedule, allowing you to balance your work and home life more effectively. With the right approach, this could be a lucrative and rewarding venture for any entrepreneur looking to start a business from their own home.

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Factors to consider when choosing wholesale items to sell

Demand for the product

When it comes to choosing wholesale items to sell, understanding the demand for the product is crucial. Conducting market research can give insight into what customers are looking for and what products are currently popular in the market. Additionally, it’s important to consider the profitability of the product. 

Will the markup be enough to make a worthwhile profit? Another factor to keep in mind is the competition. Are there already a lot of businesses selling the same product? If so, it might be more difficult to stand out in the market. Overall, taking time to carefully consider these factors can help ensure the success of your wholesale business.

Profit margin

When deciding what wholesale items to sell, it is important to take profit margin into consideration. You want to make sure that there is enough room for profit after you purchase the item at wholesale cost and sell it at retail price. A common mistake that many new business owners make is choosing products with a low-profit margin, resulting in a low return on investment. 

It’s also important to understand your target market and the tone of voice that will resonate with them. Are they looking for trendy, unique items or practical, functional ones? By understanding their needs and preferences, you can choose wholesale items that will not only bring in profits but also satisfy your customers’ desires.

Quality of the product

When it comes to choosing wholesale items to sell, it’s important to consider the quality of the product. After all, no one wants to purchase an item that falls apart after just a few uses or is made from cheap materials. By focusing on quality, you’ll be able to build a reputation as a seller of reliable and durable products, which will help you attract and retain customers. 

When evaluating products, look for those that have been well-reviewed or that have a proven track record of success. By choosing high-quality items, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in the long run.

Shipping and storage requirements

When it comes to choosing wholesale items to sell, several factors need consideration to ensure you make the most profit. Shipping and storage requirements are critical factors to consider as they determine how much time and resources you need to invest in storing and moving your products from one location to another. 

It would be best to research the type of shipping method required, the packaging needed, and the mode of transportation necessary to get your products from your supplier to your customers. 

Additionally, you need to consider storage requirements to ensure the items stay in excellent condition until they make it to the end consumer. 

Proper storage techniques will keep the product looking good and prevent spoilage or damage. Ensuring the right shipping and storage qualities are in place can help grow your business by keeping customers happy and lowering costs.


Jewelry has become increasingly popular among men and women, making it one of the high-demand products to sell from the comfort of your own home. The demand for unique and trending pieces of jewelry has skyrocketed in recent years, allowing for a variety of options to choose from. With online stores readily available, selling jewelry from home has become convenient and easy. 

jewelry wholesale items to sell from home
jewelry wholesale items to sell from home

The best part is that it can be sold throughout the year, making it a consistent source of income. While it’s true that jewelry has its fair share of competition, there are also countless audiences looking for that unique accessory that highlights their personal style. 

By showcasing your creativity and ability to stay on top of trends, you can increase your sales and profit in this exciting industry. With a broad range of options from bridal jewelry to cufflinks, there’s something for everyone in the world of jewelry.

Whether you’re selling delicate brooches, shimmering rings, or statement necklaces, it’s essential to create modern and eye-catching pieces that will capture the attention of potential customers. 

Home Decor

If you’re looking for a profitable and fulfilling business to start from home, handmade home decor products might be the way to go. These unique items are always in demand, and their popularity only grows during the holiday season. To take advantage of this trend, consider buying wholesale home decor products. 

home decor wholesale items to sell from home
home decor wholesale items to sell from home

This can help you get access to a wide range of items at an affordable price, so you can sell them at a profit and build a loyal customer base. From cozy blankets and handmade candles to rustic wall art and personalized signs, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to this exciting and rewarding industry. 

Consider the options available when looking for wholesale home decor items to sell, such as frames, wall art, candles, candle holders, pots, vases, plants, wallpaper, paint, rugs, runners, organization and storage solutions, or even lamps and lighting. With so many options available, you are sure to find a variety of products that align with your interests and personal style.


Clothing is a versatile product that has a high demand in the market. Therefore, selling wholesale clothes from home can be a great business idea. You can compete with established brands and make a profitable income with the right approach and marketing strategy. The key is to offer high-quality products that will make your customers feel good about themselves. 

clothing wholesale items to sell from home
clothing wholesale items to sell from home

If you can achieve this, you will build a loyal customer base that will keep coming back. In addition, offering a wide variety of clothing items for both men and women will attract customers of all genders and increase your chances of success. 

Whether you’re looking to start a new career or supplement your income, selling wholesale clothes from home is an excellent opportunity that you won’t want to miss out on.

Pet Products

When it comes to profitable products, pet products are definitely a force to be reckoned with. These items are evergreen, always in demand, and are bound to bring in sales. From adorable chew toys and cozy beds to delicious treats and grooming kits, the variety of pet products that you can offer is vast. 

pet products wholesale items to sell from home
pet products wholesale items to sell from home

In fact, pet products have proven to be such profitable options that they have become a fierce competitor on the list of most profitable wholesale items. Therefore, if you’re looking to start your own home-based business, selling pet products is definitely one to consider.

Beauty Products

The beauty industry is a highly profitable niche that many entrepreneurs consider tapping into. One way to make a profit in this industry is by selling wholesale beauty products from your home. It’s a convenient option since these products are easy to ship, and with good marketing and research, they have the potential to become highly profitable.

beauty products wholesale items to sell from home
beauty products wholesale items to sell from home

Some recommended wholesale beauty products to consider selling include massagers, supplements, vitamins, lotions, creams for anti-aging, skincare routines, oils, and natural beauty products. By choosing the right products and putting in the effort, selling wholesale beauty products from home can be a profitable venture.

Foods and Beverages 

If you’re looking for a popular wholesale item to sell from home, you may want to consider foods and beverages! Consumers are always on the lookout for tasty and convenient snacks or refreshments. Depending on your target audience, you could explore different options such as organic or gluten-free snacks, specialty coffees or teas, or even regional favorites like hot sauce or barbecue sauce. 

foods and beverages wholesale items to sell from home
foods and beverages wholesale items to sell from home

And with the rise of online shopping, there is an opportunity to offer unique food items that cannot be found in local markets. Selling wholesale food and beverages from home can be a great way to turn your passion for food into a profitable business.

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Tips for finding wholesale suppliers

Online directories and marketplaces

When it comes to finding wholesale suppliers, online directories and marketplaces can be a lifesaver. These platforms allow you to browse through supplier profiles, read reviews, and compare prices all in one place. However, before diving in, make sure to research each directory to ensure they specialize in your specific industry and product niche.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to reach out to fellow business owners or attend trade shows for recommendations on the best directories and marketplaces to use. With the right tools, finding wholesale suppliers can be a seamless process that can ultimately benefit your business in the long run.

Trade shows and industry events

Attending trade shows and industry events can be an excellent resource when searching for wholesale suppliers. Not only do these events offer a great opportunity to explore different products and services, but they also provide an excellent opportunity to connect with potential suppliers. At trade shows, attendees can talk to experts in the industry and learn about new products and services that may be of interest to their business.

Moreover, networking during these events can help you connect with potential suppliers and establish long-term relationships that can lead to significant savings and growth for your business. So, if you’re serious about finding the best wholesale suppliers, consider attending some trade shows and industry events to expand your network and explore your options.

Direct outreach to manufacturers and distributors

When looking for wholesale suppliers, using familiar vendors or searching on popular online marketplaces can be tempting. However, direct outreach to manufacturers and distributors should not be overlooked. These companies often have better prices and inventory availability than middlemen.

Utilizing search engines, and industry directories, and attending trade shows can provide leads for potential suppliers. The key is establishing a relationship and proving you have a reliable business before negotiating prices and terms. Remember, manufacturers want to sell their products, and distributors want to move inventory, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and negotiate. 

Working with a dropshipping supplier

Finding a reliable wholesale supplier can be a daunting task, especially when you’re just starting your e-commerce business. Luckily, working with a dropshipping supplier can make the process much simpler. Dropshipping allows you to sell products without having to worry about stocking inventory or handling shipping logistics. 

Instead, the supplier takes care of everything for you. When searching for a dropshipping supplier, be sure to look for one who has a good reputation, offers competitive pricing, and has a wide range of products to choose from. It’s also important to read reviews and ask for references before making any commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I source wholesale items to sell from home?

You can source wholesale items from manufacturers, wholesalers, or distributors. In addition, online marketplaces like Alibaba, Amazon Business, and eBay Wholesale offer a wide range of products at wholesale prices.

Yes, there may be legal requirements for selling wholesale items from home, depending on your location and the types of products you are selling. You may need to obtain a business license and sales tax ID and comply with local zoning regulations.

How can I market my wholesale items to potential customers?

To market your wholesale items, utilize social media, create a website or online store, attend trade shows, and network with other entrepreneurs in your niche. Consider offering promotions, discounts, and special incentives to entice customers.


In conclusion, selling wholesale items from home can be lucrative if you approach it with the right mindset and tactics. The six items we discussed are popular wholesale items to sell from home and offer plenty of potential for profit. However, success will depend on your ability to market and advertise your items effectively, manage your inventory, and maintain a positive relationship with your suppliers and customers.

Remember, starting a business from home requires hard work and dedication, but the rewards can be significant. Keep these tips in mind as you embark on your journey as a wholesale seller, and happy selling!

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