How to Create a WooCommerce Wholesale Role: An Easy Way

Do you want to create a wholesale role in Woocommerce? This can be a great way to give special access to certain customers or to offer discounts on products. In this blog post, we will show you how to create a WooCommerce wholesale quickly and easily using an exclusive WooCommerce wholesale plugin named Whols. Keep reading for instructions on how to get started. 

Overview of the Benefits of a Wholesale Role in Woocommerce

The WooCommerce Wholesale role is an invaluable asset for businesses that need to manage their bulk orders. By creating a separate WooCommerce user role with distinct permissions, you’ll have greater control over the process and be able to provide customers with an efficient wholesale purchasing experience.

Here are some of the main benefits of using WooCommerce’s Wholesale role:

  • Streamlined ordering processes that make it easier for customers to place bulk orders.
  • The ability to offer tiered pricing and discounts specific to certain customers.
  • Automated customer notifications so that customers are notified when their orders have shipped or when new products arrive.
  • The ability to take advantage of buying in bulk and lower prices due to increased volume.

Introducing the Whols Plugin

Have you been struggling with the task of granting wholesale customers access to the popular e-commerce platform, Woocommerce? If so, look no further than the Whols Woocommerce Wholesale Plugin– an easy-to-use solution that solves your problem with ease.

With the Whols plugin, store owners can now utilize a centralized Wholesale customer list view. Easily manage user registration, roles, and security settings for effortless control of your e-commerce store.

The store owner will be able to quickly add wholesale, offer bulk discounts at wholesale prices, assign different wholesaler user roles, disable Coupons, allow free shipping, and access real-time customer registration data with a few clicks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up Your WooCommerce Wholesale Role

WooCommerce Wholesale Role is a great way to give your customers access to special pricing for buying wholesale in bulk. With the WooCommerce Whols plugin, setting up this role is a breeze. This plugin can help you quickly and simply create specialized Wholesale roles and assign them to customers, enabling quick access to all their benefits. 

Let’s get started on providing optimal wholesale based user roles.

Install and Activate the Plugin

Install and Activate the Plugin
Install and Activate the Plugin

To install “Whols” on your WordPress site, simply go to the plugin section, press install, and activate it. As soon as you do so, a new menu labeled whols will be accessible from the dashboard of your website.

Go to Whols > Wholesaler Roles

Go to Whols > Wholesaler Roles
Go to Whols > Wholesaler Roles

Navigate to the Whols menu and select “Wholesaler Roles” for your next step.

Add a New Role

Creating a new role requires completing the essential fields below. This will ensure that tasks and responsibilities related to the user roles are accurately defined.

Configure Different Settings for Wholesaler Role

  • Name: Name is the identity that will be displayed on your website.
  • Slug: Your “slug” is the modified version of your name that is easily readable by URLs. This title should be all lowercase and include only letters, numbers, or hyphens for maximum readability.
  • Description: Though the description is not visible prominently, some themes may display it by default.
  • Disable Coupons: Exclude / Exempt coupons to customers that are part of this role.
  • Disable Payment Methods: If you leave this blank, the global option will be applied. Otherwise, if you select to disable any payment method from here, then the Global option will not be utilized. WooCommerce restricts payment options.
  • Allow Free Shipping: To make free shipping work for your business, you must first enable and configure the necessary settings in WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping Zones.
  • Exclude Tax: Spare customers in this role from paying tax by exempting them.

Apply for Roles in the Pricing Model

Apply for Roles in the Pricing Model
Apply for Roles in the Pricing Model

Assign specific user roles and you can also apply different rates to distinct wholesaler customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is WooCommerce Wholesaler role?

WooCommerce Wholesale role is a feature that allows shop owners to create special roles for customers who purchase in bulk. This specialized role allows store owners to set up wholesale prices and discounts, as well as minimum order requirements. WooCommerce Wholesale role also makes it easier to manage customer accounts and keep track of orders.

Q2: What are the benefits of using WooCommerce Wholesale?

Using WooCommerce Wholesale comes with a variety of benefits such as:

  • Streamlining your pricing structure by setting different prices for different wholesale customers. 
  • Access to exclusive product lines for wholesale customers.
  • Automating discounts for bulk orders and wholesale customers.
  • Allowing you to manage multiple user roles from one place.

Q3: How do I create a WooCommerce Wholesale role?

Creating a WooCommerce Wholesale role is simple. With the help of an easy-to-use plugin like Whols Plugin, you can set up your new wholesaler role in no time. Just sign into your WordPress admin panel and click “Whols Menu” followed by “Wholesaler Roles.” Then fill out the designated fields to create a brand new role for customers. Once it’s created, simply assign it to those who qualify.

Q4: How do I install and activate the Whols WooCommerce Wholesale plugin?

You can install and activate the WooCommerce Wholesale plugin by logging into your WordPress admin dashboard, going to ‘Plugins’, searching for ‘Whols Plugin’, clicking on ‘Install Now’, and then activating it. Once activated, you will find a new menu called Whols, where you can manage the plugin’s settings. 

Q5: Can I offer free shipping for bulk orders with Whols WooCommerce Plugin? 

Yes, the WooCommerce Whols plugin allows you to set up free shipping for wholesale customers by setting a minimum order amount. This can be done from the ‘Shipping’ tab on the WooCommerce Wholesale settings page.

Wrap Up – A Recap on How to Create a Woocommerce Wholesale Role with Ease

Creating a WooCommerce wholesale user roles is essential if you want to offer discounts to your bulk buyers. Luckily, with the help of the Whols plugin, it’s easy to do. You can create different user roles, set minimum order quantities, offer tiered pricing, and more. 

By following the steps in this article, you’ll be able to create a WooCommerce wholesale user role that meets the needs of your business. 

The convenience of creating a wholesale role can help businesses conduct operations more efficiently and serve customers better.

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